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Fixed my idle problem.-gctid817698

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    Fixed my idle problem.-gctid817698

    No my personal problem with being idle....though I am lazy....

    Fresh-water. 1996 2252LS Capri with a 2bbl carb on a 5.7L V-8. The boat had run great for a season, but at the end of last season, after a long run down a chain of lakes, I found the idle abnormally low, and the oil pressure also oddly low. Bringing the revs up, seemed to have everything working OK. Going down the lake at speed was fine. Going slow though, sometimes it was OK, sometimes it barely idled. One time, it stalled out coming into the slip. Seemed to idle weakly, basically nothing, then as throttle was added, it would rev up suddenly around 1200 and take off.

    Things I found. Adjusted the idle up a touch. Found a fair bit of belt dust, bits of stuff and oil on the flame arrestor. Gave it a good clean. These things had it working better, but still weak after a run, and very sudden on the throttle.

    One thing I did catch, was low oil in the outdrive bottle. Topped it up. A few more hours use and I had to add a bit more.

    This spring, I had the marina pull the drive and change the lower unit seals. They found the bearing carrier worn (Odd, on a very clean looking drive) and the at least one of the bearings not in perfect shape. Guessing that there was no anode on the prop? Dunno. Anyhow, start it up and so far, the weak idle is gone. The main problem looks to have been a tight bearing in the drive. Here I was expecting to have to have the carb checked out, but it's been good. makes tricky docking much less of a stress for sure.

    1996 2252 LS Capri Cuddy Cabin. Merc. 5.7L . Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.