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    colour match and paint-gctid817377

    hi guys i have recently picked up a capri 175 unsure of year and i would like to paint the light blue gelcoat to white and add a wide dark blue stripe under the rub rail like most of them have. what would be the best process when it comes to application type paint type and painting over the old gelcoat (blue parts) to match the rest of the boat or as close as possible? also if anyone would have any idea of what year it could be that would be really helpful. there is no HIN number inside or outside, was listed as a 2002.


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    You should find the HIN on the upper right corner of the transom!

    If not there does it look like it has been ground off! If so I would be taking it back to the person that sold it to you!

    What does the DMV title say? It should have the HIN listed on it!

    Good luck!

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      hi thanks for your reply. i live in new zealand where the is no legal requirement for registering a boat, insurance still covered it and was no issues with coast gaurd memeership so i went through with the purchase. its my first boat so when when i asked for hull number and he said it never had one i didnt think much off it.. turned out to be a pain in the ass in the end.


        HIN should be molded in on the upper right of the transom near the rub rail. It may also be inside in the same general area. As for painting white is a color that is extremely hard to match and even harder when covering dark with light.


          thanks i have decided to paint from the rub rail up on the outside all the way till the inside edge of the gunwale with the closest white i can get to the hull and then paint the side off the boat from rubrail down with blue and hopefully any difference between shade of top and hull isnt too noticeable. quick question does the gelcoat need to be primed or just sanded and i want to brush or roller as the boats outside so cant spray well what would be a better paint single stage enamel or two part poly