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How to get replacement starter bolts?-gctid817237

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  • 2850Bounty
    A note and a warning!

    Today there are many companies producing these little HTGR/PMGR starter motors. Many from over seas.

    Each appears to have a unique nose housing...... of which means that each requires a unique length bolt, and a knurled thread end shank as well.

    The average A-market and GM bolts may not work.

    If by chance you were to mount a starter motor using bolts that were a bit too long, they may bottom out prior to fully clamping the nose housing!

    This almost always results in sheared bolts. Not good!


    Take your new starter motor in with you when you select your bolts.

    Make sure that the knurled area is correctly placed (this in effect is an alignment dowel), and that the threaded portion is adequate but not excessive.


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  • Chief_Alen
    should have came with the starter.

    I bought many, many starters at DBelectrical a few times the bolts shear i sent Db a email he sent me new bolts, no charge i wanted to pay him or her, he sent me a note back no way would he take money for the bolts, or shipping. Just a great company, bought stuff for many cars from him also.

    Send Db a email see if you can buy a set off him. If you bought the starter from them i bet you would have gotten replacements for just asking.

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  • SomeSailor
    Any decent auto parts shop would have them too. Nothing special about them. Just carry your old ones in and say "I want two of these"

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  • yachtman
    A chevy or GM dealership would have them. Probably online jegs or summit would have them too. If all else fails go to a auto salvage yard. They are the same as a car

    or truck.

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  • gowdy
    started a topic How to get replacement starter bolts?-gctid817237

    How to get replacement starter bolts?-gctid817237

    I have a Sierra 18-6275 starter and need to replace the starter bolts.

    I cannot find replacements anywhere, no vendors have emailed me back or returned my messages.

    Any ideas?

    BTW: Great site. I probably wouldn't have bought my 2452 if I didn't read up here.