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1995 2002 WA Start up procedure help???-gctid817165

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  • 1995 2002 WA Start up procedure help???-gctid817165

    Hey guys just had a quick question on the start up procedure on my boat I just purchased it. Is there a specific way to start this boathas to be started? I hear there is certain things you have to do with the throttle position in order to start it? Can anyone lead me in the right direction? It has a Force 120 if that helps.

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    2 stroke OB can be a bit cold blooded. Here's how I started mine:

    Squeeze the primer bulb till it's hard. Advance the throttle about 3/4 forward with the shifting disengaged (should be a button in the center of the throttle lever to disengage shifting) Push the ignition key strait in to activate the choke and start the engine. It'll likely start and run at a high idle so be prepared to pull back on the throttle a bit. It may die after a second or two, if so go through the procedure again. Once it's been warmed up it'll likely start with just a turn of the key.
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      Thank you for the heads up! I will give that a try see what happens. Really appreciate it!