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2005 Bowrider 195 4.3 Engine-gctid816781

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    2005 Bowrider 195 4.3 Engine-gctid816781


    My 4.3 engine is running on when i turn it off, can someone lead me into the right direction as to where I should start looking, or researching.

    It sat for the winter with about half a tank of gas.



    Tuned and timed correctly ? if yes then i would let the engine idle for 3-5 minutes before shutting it down.

    If it happens alot shut the engine down in gear.

    Some might tell you to use higher octane fuel.

    You might try steam cleaning the engine.

    Someone operating the boat someone drizzling water down the carb, the engine will want to quit stop drizzling the water, and allow the engine to recover, a 160z bottle of water say from a clean soda bottle is enough. You want to be on plane around 3500 rpm while your doing this.

    Again the engine will start to cough stop the water let the engine recover, do it again and again.

    What does this do ?

    It cleans all the carbon off the top of the piston, cleans the plugs etc.
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      Known issue with the 4.3 after a hot shutdown.

      Chief is right in giving the engine time to cool down before shutting it off, but I also saw good luck with higher octane fuel.
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