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Direct Drive (MIE) engine used with sterndrive-gctid816752

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    Direct Drive (MIE) engine used with sterndrive-gctid816752

    On my current boat the previous owner had replaced the carburator 7.4 engine with a much better new 7.4 MPI. The new engine is labeled as "MIE" by Mercruiser, which means that it was originally manufactured for direct drive or VDrive.. The engine works great in the current setup, plenty of power, but the oil pan plug is no longer at the lowest point in the pan. I believe it was designed for the direct drive installation where the engine sits at an angle to be inline with the shaft. In my case it is installed horizontally with a sterndrive, so the plug in the pan seats higher, and is no longer at the lowest point to drain the sediment.

    Initially I wanted to install the drain hose, but decided against it when I saw the oil pan configuration. So it looks like my only choice is to remove the oil through the dipstick, and I am not sure how much old oil will still remain in the pan.

    I wonder if there is anything I can do to improve the old oil removal, or should I just shorten the oil change intervals.

    Also, I am not sure about the correct oil level in this situation. The engine never starved, oil pressure is great, but I guess I should not trust the dipstick marks completely.

    Any thoughts or shared experience will be greatly appreciated.
    1997 2859, 7.4 MPI, Bravo II
    1993 2452, 5.7 Bravo II - SOLD