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    Tracer/ePever/Acopower MPPT Charge Controller-gctid816726

    Hey all,

    I believe a number of us on the forum own the popular Tracer MPPT charge controller. These devices are sold under various names ePever/Acopower but I believe the manufacturer is Tracer.

    In any event, I've had the unit installed on the boat now for a few months and it's been working great. I didn't order the remote monitor with the unit and instead purchased a USB to RS485 adapter ($3). It took over 3 months for this adapter to make it in the mail from China, but I got it this weekend and hooked the charge controller to a Windows machine so that I could run the programming software. I simply snipped the end off a spare CAT-5 cable -- and used the Blue and Green solid wires. Blue (B) connected to the B pin, with Green connected to the A pin on the USB adapter. Changed the port speeds to 115200 baud, setup the software (had to restart it a couple times for it to work) but got the software to recognize and read/write data to the device.

    For those who have not programmed the unit, it's notable that the default battery profile loaded into the controller is for Sealed batteries and a maximum charging voltage of 14.6V. With the adapter and software, the charging profile can be changed to Flooded or Li Ion which modifies the voltage. Mine are flooded batteries and Trojan recommends 14.8 to 15V during Bulk charge so I made that switch. Worth taking a look to ensure that the charging profile is set for your battery type to get the most out of the system. For me, the default profile was undercharging the batteries.

    I am very pleased with my solar setup now. 400W of panels to one of these controllers. Typical overnight usage shows my system getting down to about 75% SOC and it will be fully charged again by early afternoon on a sunny day. When the sun is directly overhead I've seen north of 20A going into the batteries from the sun.