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Anchor / navigation mast lights 2556 wired backwards?-gctid816644

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    Anchor / navigation mast lights 2556 wired backwards?-gctid816644

    I may be wrong however I think the anchor light / Navigation light wiring is backwards on my 2556 command Bridge. Opened the main cabin 12VDC panel behind the helm station. All looks original. Very strange however. The negative bus bar is there yet nothing is attached. All of the negative wires are soldered into the main negative black wire instead of them being attached to the bus bar. The anchor switch 3 way in the down position as marked light up both the bow and stern bulbs on the mast light (correct). However the navigation switch in the up position lights up the bow light of the mast. This I believe is incorrect. If I'm running at night I should have the stern light bulb of the mast lit along with the red and green and the stern light on the transom? Am I wrong here? Always taught white light means vessel is moving away from you. Thanks

    I just rewired my nav lights on my 2556. When the switch is up the red/green nav lights, the 270 degree forward facing mast head light and the rear facing stern light all light up. When in the down position (anchor), the anchor light is the only light on.

    As a side note, my mast head and anchor light are the same unit and works as a combination mast head/anchor light. This is how it came when I bought it and this is how I replaced it.

    Do you have the wiring diagram? This was VERY helpful figuring all of this out.


      It is correct.

      Navigation position: The forward facing portion of the mast head light is lit with the red/green bio color bow light and the stern light. It (mast head light) must be above the other navigation lights.

      Anchor position: both the forward facing and the rear facing portions of the mast head light is lit.
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