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Blower motor has power but still doesn(39)t work-gctid816509

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    Blower motor has power but still doesn(39)t work-gctid816509

    I have a 2003 Bayliner Capri 175. The blower fan stopped working the other day, but the light on the switch still illuminates.

    Things I tried:

    - Checked the fuse and it is fine.

    - Removed the fan and tested it by briefly attaching it directly to the battery - and it worked.

    - Checked for power at the fan's power feed with a meter (with no fan connected). With the switch off I get 0V and 0A. With the switch on I get about 12V and 3.83A.

    - Reconnect the fan and it still doesn't work.

    - Tried a new fan from the store and it also doesn't work when connected to the fan feed.

    - Double-checked that my new connections to the fan were solid.

    Can anyone offer something that I am missing?

    Thank you.

    You have a high resistance connection.

    With the fan on, check the 12 volts going to the fan. Trace the circuit from the fan back.

    You are missing this with the fan on in your troubleshooting. Right at the fan terminals you wont read 12 volts. High resistance means that as current flows voltage goes down. This is a fairly common issue with circuits.


    Whats the weather like on our boat

    Where are we right now?


      I had the same issue with my fish well macerator. Thought either the macerator or the switch had died. When I turned it on, nothing happened, yet the fuse got hot. Tested each independently and they both worked. Replaced the wires from the switch and it works again.
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