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2009 Discovery 192 - Port List - Smart Tabs?-gctid816415

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    2009 Discovery 192 - Port List - Smart Tabs?-gctid816415

    My first post! Looking for advice.

    I've got a 2009 Discovery 192 with the 4.3L V6 Alpha 1. Love the boat but since I owned it I've had a list to the port while on plane. It sits nice and level while at rest. I noticed my hull has a hook on the starboard side which appears to be by design from Bayliner. Maybe someone can confirm this? Anyway, from what I know about hull hooks this should in fact help my list. The port side hull has no hook.

    So my main questions... I'm considering installing a set of Nauticus Smart Tabs (the plastic SX version). From all the reviews I read I'm pretty sure this will fix my issue and Nauticus assure me it would. Has anyone installed these on a 192 V6 boat? Reviews? I'm undecided if I should buy the 60lb version or 80lb version. My boat seems to be somewhere in the boundary of the two recommendations. Looking for someone who has already installed these on a 192 V6 (or similar).



    Thinking about adding tabs myself...did you end up doing it...Very hard to find info on the 192...My boat is the 2008 192 with the 4.3