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discharge line from toilet broken. how do I replace discharge line from toilet-gctid816287

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    discharge line from toilet broken. how do I replace discharge line from toilet-gctid816287

    how do I replace discharge line from toilet to holding tank?

    With gloves and a big fan.

    Seriously, the details are in which model and year so, as a blanket how to, it's pretty hard to give. Assuming you have only one toilet, there is a hard rubber hose that you are going to want to flush as best as you can then follow it from one to the other. If you have a mid cabin stateroom, chances are the hose runs behind the headboard. Fold and tie the mattress back out of the way and find the attaching screws for the headboard. This is where you will want a power screwdriver or reversible drill and various lengths of number two cross point bits. The screws are often between pleats or other upholstery features that hide them. Disconnect the hose at each end and drag it outta there. In some cases you may need to cut it into sections. Just have some old towels that are authorized to be thrown away as toxic wherever you are cutting. I like seal and expensive white or black sanitary hose where I can't use Schedule 40 pvc white pipe. There are some special adapters that make assembling the whole thing easier that are smooth. They are available at larger marine chandlers like fisheries supply in Seattle. You will wand a heat gun to soften the hose for some bends and flattening as well as slipping onto fittings.

    It's not a fun job, but improves significantly when the old stuff is out of there and in the trash. You may consider removing your Y valve. It's not required, but having the stuff going into your holding tank is if you are most places in the USA. It nice when the USCG asks where your Y valve is and you explain you don't have one. They get kinda confused.

    Please add some information about your boat and where you cruise. Knowing what you are working on, make, model, year and length along with where really helps others help you.
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      thankyou for your reply. its a 1985 2550 ciera sunbridge. 700 hours. replaced toilet. it has to much back pressure when discharging. in fact i cannot push the handle down. this is stupid. can the discharge tube be plugged? of course it can . any other suggestions? i think i am going to have to replumb. is that a tuff project? my Y valve is stuck. Very interesting. just cruise around the puget sound. thanks for you help and insight.


        Holding tank vent line could be plugged. If the discharge line is in fact plugged you could remove it from the toilet end and try to snake it out. Either way it's a dirty job :sick:
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          When my toilet hoses get plugged with calcium on my 3870 which are fairly new and last year I had to use a small sewer snake to clean it out, takes time to break the hard brittle calcium loose.
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