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  • 1986 4588 motoryacht plumbing system-gctid816221

    I recently purchased the yacht and had to replace the fresh water pump. When completed I hooked up to the municipal water supply, but when I do the water eventually flows out the overflow vent in the bow on the starboard side. I checked the on board tanks to see if they had filled and were overflowing, but when I turn off the municipal water and turn on the pump there is no water. Have never run into this before on my other yachts, can anyone help? Am I missing a shutoff valve someplace to keep the municipal water from the on board water system? thanks for your help.
    roman zareczny

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    Typically the water pumps are located between the fresh water tanks (2 each one with valve) and all the taps as well as the shore water hookup.

    Therefore the pump acts like a backflow valve preventing the shore water from flowing to the onboard tanks.

    Additionally once your tanks are full and the feed lines have been bled of air the onboard water pump will supply water anytime the taps are open as long as the power is supplied to the pump.

    If your new water pump runs when you turn it on and you are back feeding the tanks my best guess is that the pump is reversed in its installation.
    Northport NY