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  • Bill245sb
    I live in humid florida and have used the dollar tree equivalent of damprid for years in the cabin and it has worked perfectly to keep mold and odors out. You may have to replace every couple weeks depending on outdoor humidity levels .

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  • Middlebay
    started a topic Keeping Odors out without Power-gctid816187

    Keeping Odors out without Power-gctid816187

    We keep our 289 in a dry stack with power and during the winter run a heater in the cabin to keep the moisture down. We've never had any issues with dampness or musty smells. We're considering moving it closer to home to a dry stack without power. Economically it's better to leave it there year round. Do the products like damp-rid do a good enough job at keeping the moisture level down in a cabin that I don't have to worry about bad odors developing over the rainy winter season?