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    2355 Ciera Fuel Tank-gctid816021

    My 1998 2355 Ciera has a leaking fuel tank. From the little bit of research that I have done, it sounds like this is not a really uncommon issue. I just got done watching a video on YouTube on how to cut the aft bed out and cut the bulkhead out and re-fiberglass a new one in, etc. I really don't want to get into such a project, especially in the middle of boating season. My 2 questions are:

    1 Has anyone paid a dealer or repair shop to do such a project and if so what did it cost?

    2 Would I be ok with putting a smaller 25-ish gallon vertical tank in the engine compartment sort of on top of where the OEM tank pops out? Obviously I would ensure that everything was supported enough and secured and I would probably make some kind of bulkhead to somewhat isolate it or protect it from the front of the motor. I realize I would be cutting my fuel capacity in half but it would at least get me through the boating season and I could do a full factory replacement over the winter.

    Not trying to take the easy way out, just looking for some options thanks!

    I had the same problem with my 98 2355. I was quoted around 4K for the tank, removal and installation. The tank is about a grand on it's own. There is a company in FL I think that makes the replacement. I was lucky that I didn't die when my tank decided to fail on me and leak out 30+ gallons of fuel into the bilge that I didn't find until after a 12 mile run across the bay. I ended up doing exactly what you are proposing. I purchased a 22 gallon tank (link below) and installed it on the port side of the engine bay where my water heater was. The water heater was dead and being that I'm in Texas, I didn't see the need for it anyways. I miss the extra capacity but I figure if I end up keeping this boat for a long time I can eventually replace the original and have the add on tank for extra capacity. I actually have the boat in the driveway tonight so if you would like some pics of the install shoot me an email.

    [email protected]