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Best way to repair failed foam core in cockpit sole floor. Any thoughts.-gctid815828

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  • Pcpete
    My brother in law has done this on a larger scale to insulate fishing boat freezers and tanks. One thing he has run into is knowing how much to put in. Too little and there's a cavity, too much and the expanding foam will buckle decks and tear stuff up. If I were to try it I think I'd have a sacrificial area in case of over expansion.

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  • yachtman

    So no one has any experience in repairing a foam core like this or ideas on how it's done?

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  • Best way to repair failed foam core in cockpit sole floor. Any thoughts.-gctid815828

    I dont know about the newer bayliners but in the older larger bayliner cruisers the cabin sole was a cap sprayed with foam underneath then covered in chop strand. For all practical purposes making a foam cored cockpit sole floor.

    I have 3 bayliner cruisers and all of them have areas of failed foam core. Failed in that the foam below has compressed and delaminated from the outside (top side) formed glass sole.

    Generally im seeing it in an area where its a spot where a passing person has to step and gets 100% foot traffic. Most of my spots are about a foot square.

    I was wondering what others think is the best way to repair this problem?

    I've been thinking of using this. After all it is like

    Keep in mind this is not dry rot. It is not a wood core it's not wet or rotten. Simply compressed closed cell expanding foam that has failed.

    Structurally it's not even a problem but it's annoying when it sinks in when stepped on.

    This is what the core looks like

    ped on.

    I'm not too worried about the non skid surface as im probably going to cover it in real teak or faux teak flooring. I just want it to be strong and permanent fix. I actually don't think I would consider this in a wood core area or as a dry rot repair but we are talking foam on foam.

    Another video but it looks like this guy used spray foam from home depot or something. I understand that is not a good material to use but hey it's probably a cheap quick fix.