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Pantograph wipers burned up on 1994 4388-gctid815563

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    Pantograph wipers burned up on 1994 4388-gctid815563

    So I went ahead and purchased the 4388 I was looking at with a condition that the non working wipers be fixed with the stock pantograph wiper assemblies. the previous owners put radial sweep arms on and the motors didn't work except for the port wiper which still works.

    Well what I got were 18' pantograph arms on motors that burned up the first time I turned them on. The port motor had the new arm installed and it is still working so I used it to verify that the new motors where wired in correctly.

    The 18" arms with blades didn't even make it half way up the window. This creates a situation where you have to put your head on the dash to see which isn't very comfortable or safe.

    So now that I'm in the market for new motors I'm trying to determine what size to get.

    Could someone help me with the following and of course any sage advice is always welcome.

    Proper motor size, wiper arm length, blade length and degrees or rotation?

    I have found lots of parts on the site but am not sure of how to proceed.

    The motors I have now have the straight splined shaft. My buddy who has a newer 4788 has assemblies that would work great on the 4388 but the shafts are tapered spline. Has anyone done this upgrade?

    Thanks, Jack