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  • Flow scan info?-gctid815393

    Hi all I have decided to spring for a flow scan system, but need to be educated, locked back in search did not find much so need some help.
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    I just installed my floscan system in my mainship. I can help where I can. Whats your questions?


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      What kind of education? I installed them on our 3988 with Hinos. Was fairly straightforward. Hardest part was fishing wires down from the fly bridge. They certainly give me really good readings compared to my analog gauges.


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        Thanks for the response's, the seem to be several models to pick from and yes I know single or twin make a difference as well as Gas to diesel. Are your units displaying a link to the GPS ? PS I have installed a Diesel.
        Slightly modified 2859 6.5 Diesel Bravo III X drive
        96 Dodge 5.9 5 speed Gear vender OD.


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          I'm not sure what model units I have since I did it many years ago. They do have the GPS hook up. Again pretty straightforward wire hookup. I have the Diesel version with twin engines.


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            With a 2859 just be sure you get a sensor large enough to handle your peak fuel burn. I had one on mine and LOVED it... except for the shock of seeing 34GPH as I came up on plane. Thankfully that only lasts a few seconds.
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              I installed a floscan on my starboard engine a few years ago and got a good picture of fuel burn vs rpm vs speed. A friend has a 2858 and installed one on his and is pleased with it.
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                I don't remember the exact prices, but it wasn't a lot more for one with a GPS interface, and MPG data makes more sense to me than GPH in terms of efficiency. If you don't already have a GPS on board you might take a look at this thread:

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                  Some years ago it was a case that if you call Floscan and order directly from the company, you get a pretty good discount.

                  Not sure if it still holds, but it never hurts to try.
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