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Fumoto Oil Plug for 1991 Bayliner 4.3L V6-gctid815359

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    Fumoto Oil Plug for 1991 Bayliner 4.3L V6-gctid815359

    I am looking to purchase a Fumoto engine oil drain plug for my 1991 Bayliner.

    The web site uses cars and trucks to find the correct plug, having a boat I have no reference.

    I contacted Fumoto, and they said to get the plug diameter and thread pitch and they could match it up.

    Can anyone give me that?... or... maybe just give me car or truck with the same or similar V6 4.3Liter engine?

    Any help is appreciated here.

    My engine is the MCM 185/175 if that helps.

    Why not use the Mercruiser OEM complete kit with tether and everything included.

    1/2" 20 UNF thread is what you need...

    Here is a Fumoto valve,
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      I have a Fumoto on my diesel truck and it works great. I sit under the truck with a 5 gallon gas can, put a hose on the Fumoto and route it into the gas can, then open the valve.

      For a boat, use the oil drain kits designed for it. It's hard to reach under the engine in a boat so they put the valve at the end of the hose, problem solved.
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