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Battery set up help for 2859-gctid815255

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  • Battery set up help for 2859-gctid815255

    Time for new batteries. Mine currently has 2 deep cycle average size (maybe 800cca) batteries wired in series.

    I was thinking of getting one big starting battery, biggest Costco has, and 2 deep cycle for house. Using standard mbss.

    Is that the best way to go? That's what I had on my 2252. And it worked well.

    Maybe add that chingadero that keeps them both charged while running?
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    That's the route I went, you can allways add an ACR later if you find it to difficult to operate your MBSS

    You've no doubt seen this schematic of Ricks probably posted hundreds of times :silly:

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      That is a good way to set up your system, on my end I have run 2 6V golf cart battery's for my house appreciation, in addition forward in the small compartment sits a Optima for the windless ( shorter run for the # 4 wires) last week a 3 bank charger found is way in to the boat and is working good.
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