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2001 2452 BAYLINER-gctid814982

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    2001 2452 BAYLINER-gctid814982

    Trying to get this boat to plane off but i'm not sure if i'm giving her enough juice at 3200 rpm i'm 14 miles an hour seems slow to me but i see guys talking 4200 to 4600 is that where i have to be to plane off. I've got 40 gals of fresh water and 70 gals of fuel plus 1000lbs of bodies on board. She's running at 175 degrees temp oil pressure looks good. I did have an alarm go off on the way in at 14mph in the bay.

    Understand, this is just my opinion: checked your profile and don't see what motor you have in the boat. We need to know that, along with what propeller you're running. Offhand, I'm saying you're overloaded (at first glance). Mine had a 5.0L Merc turning a 15.25" X 19"P SS prop and had hole shot issues but cruising speed was good at 28-30MPH at about 4300rpm. She'd be on plane somewhere in the 3800 range (+/- 150rpm) depending on weight (two people and about 1/2 fuel and water) and wind. I can't see where 3200 rpm would ever get you up on plane and 14MPH is definitely too slow to be up on plane for that boat. She's stern heavy to begin with and the more weight you add, the worse it will get. Temp seems ok to me but that alarm might be an issue too. Need to find out what alarm that was but my first thought is electrical - run her on "Both" and see if the alarm stops (assuming you have an MBSS and two batteries to supply power to starter) . . . . second thought - oil pressure but you said it looks good (beware analog gauges though . . . not always correct) and the temp seems right too. Might need to add more weight up in the bow to get her up on plane . . . do you have trim tabs and are you using them?
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      thanks it is 5.0 ss prop same size as yours i am running on both but i agree i think these boats are stern heavy i don't think i need 40 gallons of fresh water to wash hands during a day trip but the 70 gallons of fuel have to stay. lol i'm new to this boat and it said 4200 to 4600 rpm running speed but i got nervous i guess sounds like a lot. i'm taking out with a friend have never openned it up yet so we'll see what she's got. thanks again.


        Check under the front cushions in the cabin.

        There hidden water in there ?

        Use gps for speed, confirm the tach with a known good shop tach.

        Get rid of the water in the tank.

        With the drive fully down, trim tabs fully down, advance the throttle, when you plane make note of rpm.

        Start pulling back the throttle after you raise the tabs fully, around 3800 rpm your boat should stabilize, now trim the drive slightly up.
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