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2858/288 Bimini Mount Locations?-gctid814483

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    2858/288 Bimini Mount Locations?-gctid814483

    Hi- big favor, does someone have dimensional locations of the original factory mounts for a bimini frame for 288 or 2858? I have a 2004 288 (with no bimini), and installing a new bimini from Leta's Top Shop built to factory pattern. I would really appreciate PHOTOS AND LOCATIONS of the original mounts so I can get it properly oriented.

    The attached photo is off the Letas Top Shop website (not my boat), and shows the contour of the factory bimini on a 2858-- it looks like maybe one mount on each side of the radar arch, one on each side the bridge, and one each loop for the strap in front of the deflector shield?

    Also any tips on proper anchoring of the fasteners would be appreciated!

    Note- I'm talking a basic bimini only (no vinyl side panels).


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    Update- Leta's Top Shop said since she has the factory template, she can provide me the drawing with the mounting locations- that will be great, I'll let this forum know how it works.