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    Fuse panel-gctid814225

    Does anyone know the fuse panel layout for 1996 bayliner 1850

    Ya might want to try the search feature on here and Google images. I've had good luck with those.... Or type just your model and year in the search feature on here. There may already be a group formed specifically for owners of your boat and could speed up/ streamline more accurate info (instead of generic..... like mine...LOL) making it back to you. Some topics on BOC are and started out or have become more "generic" and posting to them can get info you need BUT it's advisable to (if you're logging in as a guest) join and on your profile page get specific about your boat, engine, model and trim, towing vehicle, etc, etc. Ya know how when you call the auto parts store and tell em right up front all you need are wiper blades but they want eng size, manual or auto, with or without A/C blah blah... EVERY time you call you have to recite it all over again. That signature section is like a golden key that eliminates additional time to probe all that additional info most want before getting in touch with you ( or decide if they need contact you at all) from the equation right up front and in many cases people that may have useful info/ advice may simply pass you by since they'd rather just shoot you an answer and get back on the water instead of back and forth till there are enough specifics to move to the original issue. After joining I started noticing other member's having that and wondering how they got it there.... then the lightbulb clicked on and my experience with BOC improved beyond measure. We like to share and assist when we can.... long as we can cut right to the chase.

    Welcome aboard!

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      The dash, control panel, and fuse wiring diagram should be at the back of your owner's manual. If you don't have it, you can download it here:

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