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    Muir Windlass repair-gctid814131

    Is there anyplace in or around Long Beach Ca that can servive a Muir Windlass?

    Mine is spinning internally when I try to bring the anchor in?

    We were anchored at Horshoe Kelp fishing when a smaller boat got something caught in the prop and was about to hit our boat.

    I tried moving backward and pulling in the anchor very quickly and I think I stripped a gear?

    Any technical help or advice would be appreciated?

    Welcome aboard. Assuming the large cross nut on the gypsy shaft is tight, if you have stripped a gear, the gearbox is stuffed and needs to be replaced. They are non serviceable. Muir is an Australian company and I've had to replace the box for excess play in the gears. The motor brushes needed replacement and found water intrusion in the remaining oil (was leaking too), so it made sense to replace while the windless was off.

    It's not hard to service it yourself. The hardest part was getting the windless off the deck. Four bolts hold it down, remove those and the electrical feeds, then slice the silicon around the exterior/deck, and with a wrecking bar and wood to protect the deck, slowly lever it off. There are service/part manuals schematics online and the gearbox bolts directly onto the motor. I'm not sure of the service agents in the US, but like most parts, they aren't cheap, but what to do other than suck it up

    Send me a PM if you have queries. Cheers
    John H
    Brisbane QLD Aust

    2000 - 4788/Cummins 370's


      Thanks for your reply.

      I plan on removing it later this week and opening it up to have a look.

      The cross nut is tight, so i am fairly certain that I stripped a gear, we had dropped and pulled in the anchor four time Saturday without any issues.

      As with most repairs, I prefer to do it myself, i just had shoulder surgery and thought it might be too much to take on while i am on the mend.

      A friend has offerd to help and between the two of us hopefully we can fix it?




        Hi James

        I would call IMTRA, I have rebuilt our MUIR cougar windlass,I was actually able to upgrade the motor to a cheetah,the gear box is a worm drive setup most likely the large gear is stripped.

        Good luck Brad
        Brad & Sharon
        Lady Jake
        1985 4550 EH 700TI /Twin Disc 502
        Anacortes/La Conner, Wa.


          Thanks Brad.