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2003 Bayliner 175 Steering Cable-gctid814003

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    2003 Bayliner 175 Steering Cable-gctid814003

    First test run of new boat was mostly successful. Boat ran great, but the steering is nearly locked up and takes two strings hands to twist. I believe I have verified that it is a seized cable, as I removed the rod from the drive itself, which the drive moves fine. R & P steering system.

    I am having trouble locating the part number and/or length of the cable to order. I couldn't find it on the cable when following up under the he'll, just markings of Telefax w/o numbers.

    Does anyone have the part number or length of this cable? Manual for this year and model boat (cant find in the manual links through BOC). Trying to get it without removing so I can spend a few hours swapping out as we are officially in season .

    Thanks in advance!

    Should be stamped on one end... R&P end, about 6" away.

    Loosen the big nut, clean the tube/ram
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      You can just measure.


        Thanks for feedback. I just removed the cable, but did find the stamp as stated, 6" or so from the rack.

        Much easier job than I anticipated. Just went with the whole steering system as the gears didn't look healthy enough for my liking on the hub.

        Part number SSC13414 for the cable as reference. 141 is the steering kit with 14" cable.