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i5 rebuilt quadrajet experience - jetting-gctid398285

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    i5 rebuilt quadrajet experience - jetting-gctid398285

    after 2 seasons of my Mercruiser MR185 V6 (3.8L 229 Chev) running "ok", my boat did a weird shut off during a long cruise last if the spark was extinguished with gas...and it always stunk of fuel vapors after cruising, and always seemed to be missing some top end power. I checked a bunch of stuff on anchor and determined it was flooded. started back up after a few minutes and ran good again.

    once home, I decided to pull the plugs to check them... holy bbq batman. charcoal city. I can't believe it ran so well. mind you the engine is brand new (35 hours)

    I decided to pull the carb apart and check jetting.

    Way wrong - not even close - jetted more for a 7.4L, twice the displacement of my engine. however, I can't see this combo of rods and jets used anywhere. They say they run all their carbs on a flow bench... hmmm.

    They had .071 primary jets (supposed to be .066) with the correct-for-my V6 .036 rods.

    Then there were huge secondary rods in there (DA instead of proper DH). not adding much secondary fuel at all.... explains why it bucked occasionally at wot... it was way leaning out.

    The build quality in this 15 carb is superb. Brass float, everything tight and clean... just doesn't have the right parts in it.

    Jets on order - boat parked for a week. will post back on fuel economy if any difference - I was watching the flow meter like a hawk last outing.

    an awesome video on jet changing. I followed along in real time. easy-peasy!