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    2858/288 - Control Cables - Lubricate or Replace-gctid813626


    I've read a few threads on this topic and gained a few ideas on how to try and lubricate these cables (ie-bag and oil & oil with pressure line techniques)

    A couple of Question regarding lubricating:

    1) Which would be the best oil to use - motor oil, synthetic or conv - what grade, etc...

    2) Does this need to be performed at both helms? (I guess this is a yes - but start with the top helm first?)

    3) What oil / grease do you use at the engine side of the cables - on the pivot points and on the shafts?

    If I actually go to replace all the cables what are the PN's and which vendors have the best pricing?

    Has anyone posted a thread detailing how to replace the 2858/288 control cables?



    Should be replaced,

    PN, length should be marked on your existing cable.
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      The factory calls foe 30W oil to lubricate cables at the sliding area. No recommendation for soaking them. If that does solve the problem, replace them. In the large scope of these boats its a relatively easy job. Don't be cheap when buying new ones, you only want to do this once. Lat me know what lenths you comne up with if you do change them.
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        #4'll waste a bunch of time and make a big mess trying to lube. Most cables are self lubing for the "life" of the cable.
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          First time asking a question here on the forums.. The upper helm shift cable on my 1998 2858 Bayliner has been giving me issues going into forward and reverse. First it was hard to shift so I decided to tow the boat to the repair shop. They said it was fixed so brought it back to the marina and launched it from the trailer. Putting it into reverse was fine but then I pushed full forward and nothing happened. I brought it back to neutral then reverse, all good. Tried to move the shifter forward and it went into gear after making a clunk noise in the engine compartment area. Boat moved forward but approaching my slip I tried to put back into neutral the shifter didn't move. Had to shut down the engine to prevent hard contact with the dock.

          I read others have replaced the cables and I was able to locate the number on the upper helm cable but couldn't find the numbers on the lower helm cables. Does anyone here have all the cable numbers for replacement cables and the best place to buy them. They are made by Teleflex. Also looking for a shifter cable diagram, looked but couldn't find anything on the web. Thank you!!


            Fisheries supply in Seattle has many to choose from.
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              There is a number on each cable near one end that is the length in inches.

              WD, your cables were not adjusted correctly. I had the same issue when I replaced all of my cables on my 38xx.
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                Update! The local mechanic removed the shift and throttle cable linkages at the engine and the cables were not restricted at all, very smooth. He tried to rotate the shifter linkage with the engine running but it wouldn't budge and didn't go back into neutral. He thinks its internal to the outdrive so it was towed to the trailer, loaded and already at the Bayliner certified shop.. meaning they have all the specialty tools and knowledge/people to work on the Bayliner outdrives etc..

                I lubricated the upper helm cable using a simple hand pump sprayer you would buy at Home Depot for $20.00. I swapped out the sprayer hose with a larger clear rubber hose and ran that over the cable end. I used a hose clamp and tightened it around the brass portion of the cable end and started pumping Marvel Mystery oil into the cable using the pump sprayer. It took a couple hours under pressure for the Mystery oil to reach the lower helm but it worked. The paper towel soaked up the Mystery oil and the smell of it alerted me that the oil was starting to seep out. Then I just removed the air pressure from the hand pump, wiped the cable and reinstalled it.

                I will be replacing the cable anyway just to be safe! I will let you know more once they open the outdrive. Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated!

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                  wdranginis Bravo drive, it's likely going to be an issue with the lower shift cable.
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                    Plus one on the lower shift cable.
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                      Doesn’t anyone have the exact cable lengths for upper and lower helms on the 1998 2858?


                        Will be marked on the cable
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                          Originally posted by Pakuz757 View Post
                          Doesn’t anyone have the exact cable lengths for upper and lower helms on the 1998 2858?
                          I just replaced my cables & controls to both helms on my '96 2858, not sure if the '98 is any different, but probably not significantly. I used Seastar Xtreme cables, see below for all the parts I used. The cable lengths were the same for both helms, a 23' and a 25' for each, the 23' for the shift cables and the 25' for the throttles.

                          Hope this helps.

                          Number supplied Description Part number Note
                          2 Twin S Control CH5200P Upper & Lower helm controls
                          2 Xtreme Cable CCX63323 23ft Xtreme for shifts
                          2 Xtreme Cable CCX63325 25ft Xtreme for throttles
                          2 Merc Engine connectors CA27319P Ends for engine room (2 pairs)
                          2 Pivot kit CA27563P Ends for control heads(2 pairs)

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                            Thanks for the info!!