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    Victim of attempted theft-gctid813540


    I am new here, so please, be gentle. I own a BL Capri 1987, 17 ft long with an outboard 85 HP Force motor. It is in Costa Rica where thieves tried to steal the motor. They couldn't carry it away because of weight/laziness/whatever, and left it laying on the ground. To do this, they cut everything that was attached to the motor: electrical, hoses, everything.

    Here is the thing: other than electrical, I don't really know what they cut or where it goes. I know there was a fuel hose (they took the tank and battery), something for hydraulics (hose or electrical?), the throttle (cable?). They left behind an item that looks like a silver metal bar (no idea what this is).

    Because of the boat's age I am not getting much help. Bayliner does not have documentation that goes that far back, other places do not want anything to do with this, someone else said fixing it is more expensive than buying another boat, which I don't believe if I do the fixing myself.

    I need help with the following, please:

    - What did those fine members of Costarican society cut?

    - I need schematics showing connections from the throttle handle to the motor: cables, electrical, hoses, everything. Where do I get them? Same for the motor side.

    - How can I identify the part numbers that need replacing? Where can I find them, even if used?

    - I have pictures of what was left behind, if needed.

    I thank anyone who can help. Both the boat and the motor are/were in great shape and I'd hate to know that I now have two huge paper weights, one of which floats.


    Look in project section of this site.Look for guys working on a boat like yours.Ask for pics of there stuff hooked up.Also be more specific on your boat model engine model.There are people here that will love to help.I feel yor pain.Wish people keep there hands to themselvies


      Do you have the boat it was stolen from? It should be pretty easy to match cut fuel line on motor to cut fuel line in boat...cut steering shaft on motor to cut steering shaft on boat.

      Steering cable will have to be replaced, as well as throttle/shifter(if it was cut).
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