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2015 Bayliner 175 Oil Change-gctid813520

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    2015 Bayliner 175 Oil Change-gctid813520

    I have the 3.0 TKS 4 cycle motor. The manual suggest I use the following:

    If the Mercury MerCruiser FullÔÇæSynthetic, 20WÔÇæ40 oil is unavailable, you can use the

    following lubricants, listed in order of recommendation:

    1. Mercury/Quicksilver 25WÔÇæ40 Synthetic Blend, NMMA FCÔÇæWÔÇôrated 4ÔÇæcycle MerCruiser


    2. Mercury/Quicksilver 25WÔÇæ40, NMMA FCÔÇæWÔÇôrated 4ÔÇæcycle MerCruiser oil

    3. Other recognized brands of NMMA FCÔÇæWÔÇôrated 4ÔÇæcycle oils

    It does not specify part number for filter.

    What oil do you use and what filter part number should I buy? My dealership is over an hour away and wanted to find something locally.

    Any local Walmart near you?

    They should carry it.
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      Any oil brand .

      10 w 30 i used in my 2452.

      Ph30 for your oil filter here give this a peek.

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