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  • Sunbird
    I would say you could drop down to a 14 pitch IF Mercury says your maximum operating RPM is 5700/6000

    It would be best to make a chart showing RPM - Speed - Fuel burn for every 200 rpm starting at 1000 rpm all the way to maximum RPM.

    Then take this data to a good propeller shop. They will be able to determine what prop would work best.

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  • Caruso
    started a topic Prop Matching-gctid813499

    Prop Matching-gctid813499

    Here I am with my first technical question.

    Last Saturday I went for the first time of f shore with my 20001 2302 trophy with 225 merc optimax and I've noted that the fuel consumption is quite high (11 gallons at 22 knots). It is quite strange because a friend of mine, with bigger boat but with the same engine burn less fuel at the same rpm. So i was thinking about changing my prop.

    Now I have a mercury mirage II pitch 15 (which is the standard prop installed by mercury on trophy 2302) and the boat reaches the max speed of 33/34 knots WOT at 5300rpm. I know that the engine is able to reach until up to 5700/6000 rpm. Do you think that I should install a prop with less pitch? Have you got any suggestion?