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  • 89 Avanti 2955 Height?-gctid813491

    Hi, could anyone give me the height of an 89 Avanti 2955 - as in for trucking (so bottom of keel to top of roof if raised)? I've just bought one, but it has had a fib reglass cabin built in lieu of the canopy - but at the approximate same height as the OEM canopy. I need to truck it down to where I live but can't even guess at approx height. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Max.

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    Your overall height is going to depend on the trailer you put it on. When on the trailer my 2855 measures about 13.5 foot from the pavement to the top of the TV antenna that is mounted to the top of my arch. If the boat is in the water you could measure from the top of the canopy to the water line and then add the draft to get an approximation of what trailer height you would need.