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Idle to full throttle engine will stall-gctid813408

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    Idle to full throttle engine will stall-gctid813408

    1995 bayliner 2052 ls cuddy

    4.3 l lx w/ 4 barrel carb

    The engine will stall out if I go from idle to full throttle under load and not under any load.

    If i give the engine 1/8 to 1/4 throttle and then gradually up to full throttle the engine accelerates perfect.

    Other than the problem stated above the engine runs and starts with no problems.

    Can anyone help me trouble shoot this problem or what things to check?

    what I have done already

    Fresh gas

    New water fuel separator.

    Thank you

    Sounds like the accelerator pump is not functioning properly. With engine off and someone moving the throttle quickly all the way forward you should see a good hard shot of fuel being delivered down both primary throttle bores. If not you'll likely need a carb rebuild.
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