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    Possible Overheat??-gctid813266

    I recently purchased a 21 ft capri, Volvo 225 D (Chevy 305) and 280 outdrive, a boat that was donated. The report on the boat was that the 2nd cylinder was about 120 and 185 in the other seven. Also reported that it runs hot.

    OK -I drained old gas and put in new. Fired it up-sounds strong but with a little skip (perhaps needs to blow out carbon, spark plug replaced , etc) and it is pumping water on rabbit ears. Temp gauge says about 150 but manifolds are hot to touch. Gauge may not be working right?

    My plan is to change the impeller and take it down to the lake and see if in the water demand makes it overheat.

    Any other suggestions? Many thanks

    Not familiar with VP but using the muffs will assist in water flow to the raw water side of the system because of the pressure from the hose. Good idea to change out the impeller and any remaining wear plates etc. this a raw water cooled engine?? Your manifolds being hot to the touch indicates poor water flow through the exhaust components. Might want to remove and inspect those along with t-stat housing etc. the lower compression could be a warped valve. Get an IR temp gun to get accurate temps from multiple areas of the engine.
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      sounds good-Thanks