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1989 2459 Helm Rebuild I - Separated the issues-gctid813238

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    1989 2459 Helm Rebuild I - Separated the issues-gctid813238

    She is an '89 2459 Offshore that we think is the cats meow of boats of this size. I looked at the 2859s, but for what we have, the jump in size just doesn't make sense for what we want to do. With that said, our boat is coming up on 30 years of service, and it is due for some major upgrades. We have a number of them in the works, but the one big one has yet to be of focus ....until now.

    The first is the steering. I already have a SeaStar hydraulic system ready to install. But every time I look at what needs to happen, a few other things become apparent that I'd also like to change out. One big one is the gauges.

    All the gauges are the original Farias. While they all seem to work, I have never trusted their accuracy. I used a temp laser on every part of the engine to take readings, and I can attest that the temp gauge reads a little high. I have yet to test the oil pressure, (as you can see in the photo) but am convinced it reads high as well. In fact, look at the fuel gauge. It only starts reading once it drops below  of a tank. Then there is the recent tach issues, and the speedometer has never been right ....if I even need one with the state of my electronics.

    I've recently thought about building my chart plotter into the instrument panel, but have no clear vision of what that would look like, nor how well it would function compared to where it sits now. Some of the switches have become intermittent - like the horn, not that I use it much - and need replacing too. Most of all, the instrument panel is badly dated and in some instances, dysfunctional. I need ideas about the possibility of what a nice rebuild would look like.

    So let me simplify my questions:

    1. Has anyone rebuilt their older 24XX helm of this vintage, and what all did you do to it? Photos would assist greatly.

    2. Did you replace the instrument panel or work with what was there? What all did you do?

    3. In replacing the gauges, what do you recommend? I used these on my previous boat, and they were okay.

    4. If I replace the gauges with another brand, will I have to change anything other than the gauge?
    "B on D C", is a 1989 2459 Trophy Offshore HT, OMC 5.7L, Cobra OD, Yamaha 15hp kicker. Lots of toys! I'm no mechanic, just a blue water sailer and woodworker who loves deep sea fishing.
    MMSI: 367637220
    TDI tech diver
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