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motor half submerged - what now? (2000 1950 CR)-gctid813126

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    motor half submerged - what now? (2000 1950 CR)-gctid813126

    If there is already a good thread on this topic, I would appreciate being pointed to it. I didn't have much luck when using the search.

    Anyway, my wife and I headed to the lake for our first long day out this season. It wasn't gonna happen - the boat was lower in the water than I have ever seen it. It had about a foot of water in the back end of the boat. The cover was in good shape, so I can only guess that water came over the sides. I would guess that the motor was half-submerged for 7-10 days. The battery was completely covered with water. I searched online and found suggestions to suck the water out of the battery and that it should be OK. Let me know if you think otherwise.

    Now the motor. The starter was underwater and shows heavy corrosion at the wire connections. The distributor may have been underwater as well (not certain). I read that it's best to change the oil to make sure no water in there. Some questions:

    1. If I can get it started, is it safe to run the boat long enough to get to the ramp and load on the trailer (save the towing fees).

    2. Is it improbable that it will even start?

    3. What can I expect to need to have done at the shop?

    4. Assuming the battery charges and appears to function, will it be good for the long haul or should I replace?

    Any words of advice are greatly appreciated!

    Thanks much.

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      The good news is that it's fresh water. You need to get everything dried out and clean all corroded connections. Maybe remove the starter and make its not seized and bench test if possible. Remove the distributor cap and check for corrosion. Maybe remove the plugs and roll it over by hand. Draining the oil is a good idea. I'm no expert and I'm sure others will chime in. It would also be helpful to indicate what motor you have.

      Keep us posted on the progress.
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        If it were mine and fresh water i would get a new battery just because they are not that expensive and then i would know thats not going to fail.

        If i were sure the carb did not get any water in it and there was no indication of water in the oil i would bump a few times till i knew it was free of water and spun freely as usual or sometimes you can spin them by pulling on the fan belt.

        If it spins fine i would probably start it and let it idle for a bit just to see how its acting. I bet your fine!

        I had my engine at least 1/2 if not more under water once when i forgot to put the plug in and got held up parking my truck.

        Year and half later she is running fine with the same starter and alternator.

        I did however add a automatic bilge pump switch
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          Check your oil. You will know if you got water in the crankcase. If you did, don't try to start. Pump it out, change oil and filter. Run it a while and change again.

          Your starter most likely will fail even if it works now. Have it rebuilt or at least cleaned or replace.

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            OK - you have good input as to getting her running again. But what about next time?

            Where did the water come from ??


              One thing I didn't see here, my 1998 1950 had the same issue the year before I bought it. The previous owner had receipts for starter, alternator, belt, battery, ect. i found this year the floors don't have any sealant on the underside so I had to replace part of it. If there is anyway possible try to put a fan blowing into the bilge to dry it I'd do it. Floors are a bitch.