i am looking for a fuel fitting to go threw the hull to the fuel water separator.

i am going to order something like this if i cannot get what i want or i am going to make something.

this fitting but with a sweeping 90.


something like this but with 2 barbs and a thread section for the nut to lock it onto the transom


could also be 2 90's that thread together to make a kinda 180 so inside the transom it points down/forward some so the hose is less likely to kink.

i dont like how it had a 3 ft hose to go 4 inch's but it will kink if i make the hose any smaller.

want to replace the "loop" with a 90 and 2-4 inch's of line. it was on the other side of the separator and when turned all the way close to the separator the inlet hose would be under the outboard. the outlet hose to motor was also 6 ft long. trimmed down to 4 ft. motor still has full rotation without hose kinking.

i might be over thinking it but i believe the shorter the hose the easier it would be for the fuel pump to keep lifting fuel. after idling around for around 5 minutes the bulb goes dry and i have to reprime. dont know if it was due to no hose clamps or the oring on the quick release is gone or any other thing that was loose. gonna be fixing up the trailer tomorrow. after i pick up a new quick release. might just bypass it. i dont plan on taking the motor off and dont see any reason for having another fail point.