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    Voltage Disappears-gctid812682

    This problem is occurring on a 1992 3888 with the 210 HP Hino engines. Two new group 27 start batteries that test good. Alternators recently rebuilt. All was operating well until a couple of days ago when some of the gauges began to flutter. Now with the key starter switch "off" there is 13.4 volts present at the circuit breaker, start switch, stop switch, and preheat switch. When the key starter switch is turned to "on" there is no voltage at any of the aforementioned switches. The circuit breaker at the solenoid checks out OK, but no voltage either. I am hoping that someone else has had and solved this same problem. Your help is wanted, please.

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    Get a helper to hold the key switch in the start position. Then start at the battery and work your way back to the key switch. You need to determine if you are losing the ground side or the +12volt side. You said both battery's checked good. Are all the connections on the battery and battery switches tight?
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      Loose / corroded connection. Pain in the butt to find but pretty simple to fix. Just work your way back and tighten and clean.
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        Most likely a problem in the ground (DC -ve) path
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