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Parts for Bayliners - Banjo Bolt-gctid812214

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    Parts for Bayliners - Banjo Bolt-gctid812214

    Hey All,

    Checking to see if anyone knows of someone here in the US that provides parts for Bayliners.

    I am in desperate need of a Banjo Bolt - 12M x 1.75 threads, 1 1/8 inch long that goes in the cooling system.

    I found Marine Parts Supply, but they are out of Canada, and trying to get this part ASAP.

    We are currently stuck in Rexford, NY on the Erie Canal, trying to make it back to Sandusky, OH.

    Any assistance is appreciated!!

    Thank yoU!!
    Bobby Wilson
    1986 Bayliner 3270
    Gold Looper 2017

    In removing the manicooler we had to remove one of the banjo bolts, and of course, it broke. It was the one on top on the manicooler. An internet search did not find any such bolt in any material. Finally found and adapter to go from the 12mm x 1.75 threads to 1/8" F.P. It comes from KAR TEK Off Road. It's called a Billet Ecotec Oil Pressure Adapter. Made from T-6 aluminum, they're not cheap at $19.99 each, but now I can run ordinary fittings with copper tubing or hose to replace the what was there.

    Newport, Oregon
    South Beach Marina
    1986 3270 with twin 110 HP Hino diesels. Name of boat "Mr. Darcy"
    Past work history: Prototyping, tooling, and repair for Reinell,. General fiberglass boat repair starting in 1976.
    Also worked as heavy equipment mechanic, and machinery mechanic for over 30 years.


      Banjo bolts and fittings are very common in high performance applications. Try JegsJegs or Summit RacingSummit Racing
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      1980 CHB Europa 42 Trawler- "Honey Badger"


        Check with Earl and see if he has one in his shop.



          Ok so I have to admit I had to look up exactly what it is you were looking for because I never heard of it. BUT low and behold it is a common part, at least according to Google most automotive parts stores carry it. Hope this helps and good luck.


            Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but they use a very similar size on many of the Honda cars Fuel filter fittings as well as the end of the rubber brake lines where they meet the brake caliper Assy, fronts at least. I'm not saying they will but you might get lucky . iIRC those have a 10 or 12mm bolt head. Probably $1 in a junk yard if they happen to fit. Easy grab n go for a fuel filter too. Right up top on firewall usually. A call to a honda , car not motorcycle, shops parts Dept should turn up the dimensions. You might get lucky..