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Outdrive angle adjustment for quicker planing?-gctid398096

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    Outdrive angle adjustment for quicker planing?-gctid398096

    Hey guys...I have a 1986 Bayliner Ciera 2755 with the 5.7L Volvo Pentadrive. When you lower the outdrive, that spring-loaded mechanism locks it to a bar. I noticed there are 5 sets of holes (or is it 3? I think it's 5, if I recall correctly) to position that bar, and thus what angle the outdrive is at when it's fully down and locked.

    Mine is in the middle position. The boat takes 5-10 seconds at full throttle (about 22 mph) to get up on a plane (depending on how many people I have in the boat). So, I'm wondering...if I move that bar 1-2 holes forward so that the outdrive has more of a downward angle, will that get me up on plane quicker? I'm thinking "yes, probably", but wanted to bounce that off you guys. If it has a very slight downward angle, that seems like it would tend to lift the stern a little more, which I'd assume will get it on plane a little quicker.



    It may not come up faster, but it will come up with less bowrise.

    Usually it will be both, to a point.

    The trick is, after you're on the plane you need bowrise to max out efficiency, and trim tabs just push the nose down. So, without the power trim I live with longer planing times for additional on-plane bowrise.

    The is really the one place mercruiser kicks some butt on most pre 290 volvos.



      Dave, your three set pin positions are your trim adjustment.

      If you move the set pin forward, it will come up out the hole better, but you will sacrifice top end performance.

      If you move the pin to the rear, it will stuggle even more so to get out of the hole, but once up on step, it should perform best.

      The center hole usually works best.

      Chay, that is true. During and after the 290, it's not an issue.

      Unfortunately, we B/L owner's did not get to experience the best AQ V/P drives from the late 80's through 1996.

      Rick E. (aka RicardoMarine) Gresham, Oregon
      2850 Bounty Sedan Flybridge model
      Twin 280 HP 5.7's w/ Closed Cooling
      Volvo Penta DuoProp Drives
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        For the units without power trim, like mine, it isn't just how the boat gets up on plane, but how the hull performs in rough water, big waves. Mine is underpowered and after living with the center hole for years I moved it to the rear hole to keep the bow up more in rough water. I think I am happier there. I can still get it all flat in smooth water. I use the trim tabs mainly for side to side leveling and for slowing the boat down for trolling.


          So, moving the rod forward and lowering the drive will get it on plane quicker, but sacrifice some top speed essentially. OK, got it. I think I'll give moving it one hole forward a try and see how that works for me.

          Main reason...I've been pulling folks on a kneeboard, and around 22 mph is about the right speed. The boat is really hard to steer while it's plowing through the water nose-up (not the duo-prop model), plus around 22 mph is where the boat starts to plane and speed up, so it's a constant throttle adjustment between 20 and 25 mph or so to try to maintain the right speed for a kneeboard. I think lowering the outdrive will probably help with this. I'll try it and see.