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    3288 upper Bridge Steering-gctid812189

    The steering from the upper bridge stopped working, the steering from below is still working? I thought the two were integrated? Anyone know how the dual steering system works.

    When commissioning our boat this spring after winter storage, the upper helm did not function, but the lower did. I verified fluid level and pressure in the reservoir, then turned the upper wheel clockwise and anticlockwise several times. After a minute or so, the resistance increased and the steering function returned.

    I should note, there aren't any leaks, I do relieve the pressure for winter storage.


      Yes it is a integrated system. You may have a small leak or need to pump air into the bladder at your reservoir. It could possibly mean you need to rebuild your steering pump. This same thing happened to me. I had a small puddle of hydraulic oil on the deck but since the rebuild the pressure has held for 2 years.

      If you cant steer your pump is not working hydraulically. And yes upper and lower are all one system.

      With zero pressure bladder pressure at the reservoir my upper helm pump quit but the lower pump was responsive enough to get me back to the marina.

      First pump up the reservoir bladder up with 25 psi and then go to the upper helm. The steering will either be responsive or a leak may soon appear or the pump may be shot internally.
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        Thank You! I will give that a try, it all makes better sense now.