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    3587 Starboard Fuel Filler Hose Removal-gctid812103


    We own a 1996 3587 and recently ran into an issue after adding fuel to both port and starboard tanks. There was a leak of fuel that I can reasonably trace back to one of the filler hoses. I checked the sender seals, gas lines and plugs on the tanks and all were sealed and not leaking from what I could determine. As a preventative measure the senders were reseated and sealed up. Yesterday I replaced the port side filler hose by getting at the deck connection by means of removing the stove and getting at the access panel on the wall of the stove cabinet. The removal and installation of the hose went well and after a good look at the old hose it was showing signs of deep cracking and potential leaking. Needless to say that if one side looks bad then the other is likely on its way out as well. Any fumes after filling is serious business that I'm dealing with ASAP. As I don't want to retest where the leak is by adding any new fuel I'm replacing both filler hoses. The strong gas smell is now gone and I've dealt with the port side and I'm dealing with the starboard tank filler line now.

    I have read over as many posts as I can find regarding getting at the starboard filler hose and have not got that far. When the whole boat is de-energized and the electrical panels are removed and set aside I can see the deck fitting clearly behind the aft panel; however seeing how to get at the tank end of the filler hose has been very, very challenging. I have the AC unit to contend with and from what I can tell the connection I need to get at is directly below the cabinetry that separates the panels from the couch. There is a plethora of white painted plywood panels that are mounted in and around the forward DC panel that makes getting at the hose impossible.

    I have tried removing as much of the cabinetry as possible but the floor and carpeting are flush up to the panel housing under all of the couch and cabinet parts. Getting at the hose from the bilge is a no go after taking the stairs out as the AC unit is in the way. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of how to get at this hose? I'm pretty good at figuring stuff like this out and this time I'm stumped. It seems odd that the hose would be buried that deeply with no way to get at it. Before I get really creative and start looking for new and more aggressive ways of getting at the hose I'd appreciate any tips or advice from anyone who's been in the same situation. Again its a 1996 3587 I'm doing battle with right now.

    Thanks in advance,