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    looking for propeller size-gctid398036

    I have a Bayliner Capri model 1989. The engine is an OMC COBRA 5.0cc (5,7meters). I want to change the propeller because the cruising speed is 25 miles witch is very high when the weather is not very good. The second thing is that I am trying to find flappers for the exhaust but I can't.. So, if anyone wants to help me, I would appreciate it..

    I can help with the 2nd part:

    0985749 EXHAUST SEAL ASSY 2 $26.63

    google that up - avail at any Evinrude dealer

    for the prop question- why not just throttle back? The minimum speed (mph) your hull will stay on plane at has little to do with the prop, although a 4 blade might help in that regard a tiny bit.