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    Intermittent Power Steering Fluid Leak-gctid811734

    Hi All,

    It's been quite a while since I checked in here. Hope all is well with everyone Spent most of the 3-day weekend towing a 4-person tube full of giggling kids, and the old boat ran great!

    I have an intermittent power steering fluid leak that's been bothering me for several years. I've already pressure tested the fluid cooler, and the PS pump and hoses look dry, so I am assuming the leak is somewhere in the hydraulic system behind the motor.

    My latest thought is the leak has something to do with the grease zerk near the power steering control valve. I pumped grease into this zerk last week and lost ZERO fluid this past weekend.

    What exactly does this grease zerk lubricate? If it's some sort of packing, then maybe I start losing PS fluid when the packing gets low on grease?

    I'd appreciate your opinions.


    Steve M.
    Marin County, CA
    1989 Arriva 2050 KE
    5.0LX, 230 HP Mercruiser, Alpha 1 drive

    Steering cable
    Joon, Kathy, Jaden & Tristan
    Uniflite 42 AC, DD 671N
    93 3058 sold
    92 2855 (day boat)
    91 Fourwinns 205 (lake boat)
    Longbranch WA
    Life is Good


      I have had this same problem over the winter in the past. If the boat is going to be laid up for an extended period and the temperature changes significantly it will leak. I depressurize the system in the winter and do not have this problem anymore after restoring pressure in the spring. Hope this helps I think there is a thread on it search it.