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  • 1337r6
    so many views and no replys so i just ordered a new regulator. also ordered a new starter.

    i did unhook the red wire and connected the other red wire. i got 13.7v out of it at 3500-4500 rpm(gauge didnt work without the other red connected to red.) connected both together and at 2k it reads 13.1 at idle it reads 12.7 so im sure the charging issue is gone for now. well atleast hoping it will not set ablaze while im 20 miles off the coast... storming to much to test this weekend but on tue or wed i plan on going out after work if the storms pass.(new parts will be here by then and will install the starter and stash the new regulator under a seat somewhere for now.)

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  • 1337r6
    started a topic electrical issues-gctid811708

    electrical issues-gctid811708

    the red wire i have my finger on is not connected to anything but it reads 24v at 2500 rpm. the other red wire reads battery voltage. 12.5.

    i have seen a post somewhere saying i can connect the 2 wires together. is that true? if so that should solve my charging problem of the p/o not getting the right parts? i have seen a different post saying that is a sense wire(no clue) for newer motors.

    as is running the boat around between idle and 4500rpm for around 3 hours with the radio on the voltage doesnt go up/down that i can tell while driving said boat. hard to test the cluster gauge while your the one behind the wheel.

    this is the number on the regulator

    i took the starter apart to find 1 busted brush and a hole bunch of burnt plastic inside. it still works(after cleaning) but its corroded and i dont think i can get just the brush vs 50 bucks for a new one...

    gonna get a new starter

    i should be ordering a new starter tomorrow depending on my paycheck after all bills. i will order a new regulator/rectifier if i have to.