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Water Sat In Engine Compartment, Should I be Worried?-gctid811370

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    Water Sat In Engine Compartment, Should I be Worried?-gctid811370

    Hello All,

    Owner of a 1997 Bayliner 2355 in Seattle, WA. Lets me start by saying I am by no means a mechanic and have learned some very expensive lessons. I bought it about 6 years ago and used it for 3 seasons. After the first season, winter came a little early and I got the boat winterized in Oct, a tad bit too late. Next season had the boat serviced only to find out my block was cracked. 6k later I had a new engine put in.

    Fast forward to the next boating season, I had the boat winterized and ended up moving out of state for work leaving the boat at my parents house. Now that I am back 3 years later. I decided its time to bring the boat back to life. Im working on having the seats dyed, shampooing the interior... I open up the engine bay to find about 3" of water sitting in there. It wasnt too high, but there was defiantly water in it. Look at the bottom and the drain plug was not removed after the shop winterized it. However the boat was professionally winterized. Should I be worried about another cracked block? Starting to panic here. I really dont want to keep working on my boat if I have to drop another 6k into it.

    Thanks in advance.


    Drain, start her up, you'll know right away...
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      Me i would start here up on a external tank of fuel, what fuel in the onboard tank should be sucked out and poured into your neighbors pool .

      First pull the bilge plug :unsure:
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        V8 alpha drive?? Is this boat fitted with a closed cooled system or is it raw water cooled?? If it was winterized properly your engine should be ok, but starting it after 3 years could be a chore (assuming it's carbureted) Do as chief said but make sure your neighbor is out of town :silly: you'll likely need to replace the impeller after such a long layup, after she starts monitor your engine temps everywhere with a handheld IR temp gun, you'll want to know if things are cooling properly. If all seems to be cooling correctly then shut it down and look at the oil.
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