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  • 1990 3288 bayliner with turbo charged Hinos-gctid811305


    New to this site and a relatively new Bayliner owner. I have always run diesel trawlers in the past.

    Problem: I have some sort of engine alarm that is going off that I do not understand. I have changed out the oil, oil filters, coolant, raw water impellers, cleaned the raw water filters, fuel filters. Engines run beautiful. Small rectangular shaped box located just behind the ignition key locks are clicking away.

    I have read the engine manuals...... what am I missing here?!

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    Welcome aboard. Might the clicking be the hour meter?
    Ned Porges / Seattle


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      I assume it's the engine alarm you're referring to. When does the buzzing occur? When you turn on the ignition and then stops after the motors start? Buzzes constantly when motors started? Starts buzzing after the motors are warm?
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        The engine alarms on the Hinos is a ground switch. There is a temperature and oil pressure switch, either can set it off. The switch for the oil pressure is just below the oil filter canisters. Unhook it and see if the buzzing stops, if it does, likely need to change the switch. It's about $15 in Amazon. Info is in the database.

        Could be a shorted wire. On the back of the engine, find the green wire in the wiring harness. That is the ground for the buzzer. Unhook it only, and if the buzzer goes off, you know the problem is on the engine, either a switch or fouled wiring.


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          Thank you for the response! I will look at these items. I would like to further clarify what is happening. I went out to the boat yesterday to start the engines. The small rectangular box behind the dash and the engine ignition key is definitely the engine alarm with the normal high pitched buzz when I turn the engine key to the on position with the engine not running. It continues to buzz through start up as you would expect it to. It then stops buzzing after engine is up and running..........almost

          It continues to click and pulse, not in full , high pitched buzz mode but you can still hear it clicking.

          Thanks for reading this and continuing to guide me through this strange issue


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            Could be a defective buzzer or your alarm sender. Why not swap the buzzer wires from port to starboard? If the noise follows the buzzer, it's the buzzer, else it's the sender or grouding wire connections.
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