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    cleaning out fuel cell-gctid397954

    So I was thinking of cleaning out the fuel cell and fuel filter. The fuel that is in the cell now is old, not sure if there was any stabilizer added or not. So I would like to just add fresh fuel.

    So my question is... What do you do with the old fuel?

    Call your waste management department, if your area has one.

    They'll direct you to a waste center that will accept old paint, old chemicals and old gasoline.

    They may require a certain type of container..... not sure.

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      My fuel had been sitting for 10 years. I put it in cans and ran it through my mowers.

      I recently ran out and actually had to go to the gas station when I was mowing. Dang!


        Rodriguez wrote:
        Hi everyone cell cleaning is most important for boats because if cell are clean and neat fuel will be pure in the cells and whole boat secure from troubles.So first of all should check cleaning of cell.
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