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98 capri 1600 ls issues.-gctid810935

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    98 capri 1600 ls issues.-gctid810935

    sofar(owned the boat for under 48 hours)

    i remounted the battery where it is sapose to go.

    found a missing battery wire.(explains why none of the switch's did anything/radio not working)

    radio and switch's work now(didnt check lights but when all switch's were on the bilge pump came on so im assuming most of the switch's work)

    i know one switch cannot work. it only has 1 wire(at the top so its power out but no power in.) under the switch it looks like it reads accy but not positive its close to the key. did they bypass the switch and make it just key only? trying to make sure everything is in working order.

    the volt meter doesnt move from 12v. gonna test it tonight when we go cruise around to see if that extra battery wire had something to do with it not going past 12v. if it doesnt change i will be testing the stat/rect and see what needs replaced.

    the middle glass door doesnt close well

    it will close but i have to lift the drivers side up some going to try to resecure the window and fix the support arm tonight when i get a helper to lift the glass off. the pass side front where the hinge is doesnt move atall but the tail of the pass side is loose and the drivers side front moves but the back is solid. so im just gonna change screws to something longer and add a new piece of deadwood or something for the screw to catch to see if that solves it.

    i am going to vacuum all the leafs out tonight. working on the seats/glass/electric now.

    have all the seats out to ducktape them back together for now. plan on redoing the seats with captains swivel chairs and making a fishing platform upfront and the rear bench is getting redone when i do the capt. chairs.
    1998 bayliner capri 1600 ls(what the window says)powered by a 90 hp force outboard.

    tampa bay area FL.

    new issue.

    tryed to take the boat out today. made it roughly 75 yards from the dock and BEEEEEPPPPPP!!!! looked back no telltale flow. shut down waited 45 min or so slowly drifting further away from the dock started back up halfway threw turning around BEEEEEPPPP!!!!! finished the turn gave it a little gas then shut it off. coasted to about halfway back as a guy passing on a boat asked if i needed help and towed me to the dock.

    took the impeller off was full of sand same with the housing for the prop. also sprayed from under the motor and got 1 little stick and alot of flakes/sand, 15 minutes of flushing the motor and all was clear. reassembled and idled with the clamp on for 10 min seemed fine. redocked the boat. made it to the resume normal speed it died and the starter wouldnt turn it over. did my ninja skill diy ancor line pull start. turned around and came back to the dock. on the way back the tell tale wasnt spraying again but the motor wasnt buzzing. got home and took the lower prop part of unhooked the tell tale and it flowed water after shooting a few flakes. so i rigged (ziptie) a hose inside the hole that the impeller pumps water in and let it flush the motor for about 30 min before starting to get it warm to make sure all is being flushed out. while catching the water in a cup i only got a couple sand flakes floating in the cup. so im pretty sure this time the motor is 100% cleared out. going to get a new impeller starter solenoid and gonna try again sunday.(tomorrow i am building a cabinet and replacing the runners on the trailer)

    flakes on my hand are what was comming out.

    dont know if i should take this apart looks a little corroded but not sure if/what it is/does...

    1998 bayliner capri 1600 ls(what the window says)powered by a 90 hp force outboard.

    tampa bay area FL.