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    VR5 I/O Trim Gauge-gctid810510

    Looking for some feedback from any VR5 I/O owners regarding their experience with the trim gauge.

    My trim gauge is barely moving off the bottom of the gauge when I get up on plane. Took it back to the dealer and asked to check the set-up, plugged into CPU and everything appears fine.

    Maybe just need to get used to this but expected a quarter gauge to work with.

    Welcome any feedback from other VR5 owners to determine if this is the norm.
    2017 Bayliner VR5

    Hi, I have a 2016 VR5 with the 4.5l engine. While I don't trim my outdrive up much to get up on plane or while on plane, the gauge does indicate movement, usually just in the lower quarter before the prop starts grabbing air.

    2016 VR5 - 4.5 Mercruiser

    2017 Ram Crew Cab - 4X4 - 5.7 Hemi


      Thanks for the feedback
      2017 Bayliner VR5


        Hi! I have a 2017 OB. I took delivery last week and found that the gauge wasn't as accurate as I was use to. This is my first Mercury and was more then pleased with the performance. I don't think the gauge was as accurate as my Yamaha's. I will be checking it out further. Good luck!
        2017 VR5 OB
        150 merc


          Went for my maiden yesterday (2017 VR5 4.5L 200hp) and with trim fully down position it only required couple push of trim that barely show on gauge meaning the needle is still below to LOW position on the gauge. The gauge does work as it indicates movement when I trim UP however while running it is pretty much useless.

          The trim gauge and 2-stage trim was so nice on my 07 175.

          Oh well I still very much enjoy the ride on my new VR5 and can't wait for the season to be in full affect.


            Hard to believe your dealer didn't try to adjust the trim sender.

            PORT side trim sender can be adjusted...
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              Freechip, Sounds like your experience is very similar to mine gauge of very little use! When they had it on the computer (dry land) everything seems to be fine i.e. Full trim up was showing 100%. Enjoy the boating!
              2017 Bayliner VR5


                Took pics out on the water this evening of my trim display

                Full up and full down. You can see with full up trimthe gauge isn't quite showing full up and full down it shows below lowest point on the display.

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