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Bayliner 2455 refrigerator problems-gctid810131

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    Bayliner 2455 refrigerator problems-gctid810131

    Hello all!

    I just pulled the refrigerator out of my 1988 2455. It had numerous problems, one of which was that it would not run off battery power, even if the boat was running. I have a new model coming, so I tested the wires coming from the battery with a voltometer and got a 0 reading. Looking at the batteries, I see no loose wires (I had two new batteries installed prior to launch by the marina.)

    Any thoughts? Should I be testing the wires under certain conditions? There is no way of tracing the wires back to the battery and I suspect they may actually go the fuse bax. No fuses are blown.

    Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!

    Do you know which fuse it is? Get a long wire and go from your battery "+" to where the fridge hooks up and see if you get a 12V reading on either wire. If you don't, you have a bad ground. If you do then you know which one is ground (you may already know that) and you know it is working. Next, go to the battery "-" and see if you get 12V on either wire. If you do, then you know which one is the positive. If both tests above pass then you don't have a problem! :lol:

    If you can't find 12V at the termination point I'd go to the fuse box next. One of the first things I did was label all my fuses. I'm guessing it would be a 10A fuse and it probably only powers the fridge.

    Maybe the previous owner disconnected it at the battery or fuse box because it drained his battery? 12V on mine never has worked and I never bothered because they are such a power drain.
    1985 Bayliner Ciera 2750
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      The 2455 of that era did not come with an electric fridge, at least not on this side of the pond. Sounds like a retrofit. Could it be an AC fridge only designed to work on mains hookup?


        The fridge on my 1988 2455 has a AC/DC fridge. It will run off shore power or the battery.
        Bill and Janice
        Chatham, Ontario, Canada
        1988 2455 Ciera