I accidently broke off the pins (made of pot metal) that hold the clamps that hold the distributor cap on. So, with that said I ordered a new one. The old distributor had a points and condenser and the new distributor must be electronic because it doesn't have points. The new distributor has two wires (green & red) that come out of it. The old distributor only had one. I am hoping that one of you knows what I need to do in order to get spark to the plugs. Initially I attached the red wire to the Accel Super Coil and grounded the green one as that was the guidance I was given from the manager from the local O'Reilly Auto parts store. The following information is what I can immediatley think of that will help. I am at an extreme loss here, everyone I talk to about this issue tells me to google it. I have googled it until my brain is raw. Google doesn't provide any sites or forums that provide any worthwhile information.

1. The engine is a 3.2L Ford In Board

2. When I was iniatally replacing the rotor and cap on the old distributor I upgraded the plug wires to Accel 8mm. I do know for a fact that spark travels through them.

3. The battery that turns the engine over is a day old and has a full charge.

Somebody, Anybody, Please help me.